Josh Sharp

Student Pastor

Joshua was born on January 10, 1979 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Growing up he was surrounded by family who believed in God, believed the Bible, but did not attend church regularly. Thanks to a faithful, praying grandfather this changed however in 1992, when his family began to attend Bay’s Mountain Baptist Church in South Knoxville. After sitting under the Word of God for a few months, God began to bring conviction into his heart. In February of 1993 he gave his heart and life to the Lord.

In the summer of 2013 God began to move in Josh’s heart once again. This time God was calling him to preach the Word of God. After a time of struggling, he gave in to the Lord and announced to the church that God was calling him into the gospel ministry. In January of 2015 God impressed to accept the position as senior pastor of Northside Baptist Church in Knoxville Tennessee where he served for seven years.

Josh and his wife Davena met in the summer of 1995 and were married two years later. They have been blessed with a great marriage and two wonderful children. Their oldest daughter Mallory was born in June of 2000 and their second daughter Caroline was born in November of 2003.

Education: Doctor of Theology degree from West End Baptist Bible College in Easily South Carolina in 2009.